Let me tell you a little about Des Green. Well my full name his Desmond Anthony Green all my friends call me Des Green I’ve been married for 13 years and lived over the brush for 7 years.

I have three wonderful and beautiful kids well some of the times hahaha.

My ChildrenMy daughter Chanel is 21 this year she works as an Account Executive at Trident Pharmaceuticals.

My Second eldest is Remi who is 13 we call him Mr Minecraft  he loves spending hours online building Minecraft servers and plugs.

And my last child is Theo who we call little man who is 9 years old and as just started is trials for Stoke City Football Club. This picture was taken at the lowest point in my life, my dad’s funeral. But it also turned out to be the turning point in my life as well.

I told my dad that one day I would take him back to Jamaica with the kids but sadly he passed away with cancer before I could make his dreams come true, that’s why am motivated to make this happen for my kids.


How did I end up at this point? Watch the video below