Motivation and Inspirational  
(Just Do It speech)
Where do I start with this one!! From time to time we all get disengaged with what we are trying to achieve in life. No matter what situation we are in the lack of motivation can make or break us at any time, one of the greatest motivation videos that I have every watched was Art Williams and is famous Just Do It speech.

This man is speaking about taking action but more importantly, about being decisive and being persistent. You do it and do it and do it. This is the thing…it’s not enough to just start; you must keep hammering away till the job gets done.

If you really cared deeply about something you would do it. That is the point. Everyone wants to be xyz, but few have the desire and drive to do it and stick to it even through the hard times. Just do it action conquers fear. Just watch the video below.

Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my very first blog. I hope that you can come on this journey with me on my new adventures in the online world and together we can find out what works and what doesn’t.

My 1st blog post and why? I have always wanted to build an online business to have the freedom and security to spend has much time with my family and close friends as I want. I have made a few dollars online but not life changing type of money. So after 7 years of trying and getting nowhere am about to embark on a life changing mission to quit my job and earn a fulltime income online and do what every it takes to get there.

Famous quote:

If you keep doing the same things every day you will always get the same results every day.

After 7 years of trying everything online and getting nowhere it’s time for a change and a different direction in my life. So I have decided to get myself an online mentor he’s called Marc Milburn who will helping me and guide me along the way. Marc has 6 years’ worth of Internet Marketing skills behind him and is business turns over $250,000 a month online.

Marc Milburn

Marc Milburn

I want to hold myself accountable to you and my family to make sure I succeed where so many people have failed. So am now going after the success with passion and determination and I know I will achieve it. So there you go I have declared it live on my first every blog that I will be an online success. My first goal is to get to the $10,000 a month income level  within 6 months.

Please drop by as often as you can because I will be adding new content all the time.

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